Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jay-Z.. Dirt off Your Shoulder..REMIX

yeah .. its late..but its here nonetheless..i did the remix back in 2006..jus found it today..anywho.. here it is

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off the Wall - by Kronis the iLL ..produced by Kronis the iLL

aigh so ummm... my bad i havent been on here in ages..i been on twitter playin around n wha not.
shout out to my fam over there!! WHADDUP!!... anywho.. the song is Off the Wall.. i have the youtube version of me sampling the Michael Jackson record from January 2oo8.. i figured why not put the finished product up on here as well right?.. anyways here it is.. check it out..leave comments or dont.. iono.. dosent matter haaa

Friday, May 29, 2009

new song of the moment

'Panic Switch' by Silversun Pickups
yeah the song is CRAZY.... thats all i can really say about it... check it for yaself y'digs


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sidebar moments

at certain times i will be posting up a 'Song of the Moment' and here is my 1st Song of the Moment..
Reminiscing by The Little River Band (1978)
this joint bangs..the wordplay is dope... the video... eeehhh iono.... but the song is brilliant

me flippin a Michael Jackson sample

the song is Off the Wall... from the Off the Wall album
im on the MPC2oooXL... doin my usual.. ummm check it out and lemme know how ya likes it
i rhymed on it as well.. you can check that out on myspace page!

First Blog... 5-13-2009

ummm hello people.. the names Kronis the iLL... yeah.. i rap..make instruments(barely)
eehh im no blogger,,, so if anything... this may be the blog site i use to post music.. or random Youtube ish.. so eehhh... sit back and enjoy if you will.. i guess..